Taking its inspiration from the original GTX1 from the late 60s The contemporary GTX1 was originally designed by Kip Ewing in an effort to extend the production run of the modern Ford GT. While his design and business case wasn’t adopted as a regular production program, Kip was able to sell the project to Ford management as a one-off coachbuilt vehicle for the 2005 SEMA show. The car was the undeniable hit of the 2005 SEMA show and was subsequently featured in over 18 magazines, securing 8 exclusive covers and over 68 pages of exclusive coverage. The car has been featured in numerous books on the history of the modern Ford GT, Notably; the GTX1 was driven by Jeremy Clarkson, Britain’s premier automotive personality, who pronounced the car, “…as good as anything I have ever driven.”

About 40 GTX1s were produced by the company that Kip worked with to produce the concept car.   After that company ceased operation, many GTX1 owners have had Ewing continue to upgrade and repair their GTX1s. 

We have now recreated all of the tooling to continue producing GTX1s as coupe conversions.  All we have learned in producing hardtops for existing GTX1s has been applied to the new tooling.  Of particular note, are the door pillars and sealing systems (an item that was underdeveloped on prior GTX1s).    

Hard top installations are on-site only, due to the variation of build of existing GTX1s. Please contact us directly, for information on hard tops.

Current GT owners wishing to convert their car to a GTX1 roadster, please contact us directly.
We can also assist clients in acquiring a suitable car for conversion to build your dream GTX1.