Ford GT


This is an excellent solution for insufficient storage for our customers who prefer the silver appearance of their GT’s original magnesium center tunnel. We offer a "snap-in" kit that allows you to integrate our hinged arm rest assembly and storage compartment into your original magnesium center tunnel.  The storage bin is molded of plastic and is painted to match the original silver paint of the center tunnel. Installation is a breeze, and does not require removal of the center tunnel from the car.  The original arm rest pad is removed from the tunnel and the storage bin simply snaps into place.  The storage area is sufficient for items like; cell phones, iPods, garage door openers and sunglasses.  The overall height of the arm rest surface is about 12mm higher that the original arm rest height, to allow for more storage volume.  For those customers wanting the original arm rest height, we also offer our original carbon fiber storage compartment that is bonded into the tunnel.