Kip Ewing is passionate about cars. Since childhood, he has continually been developing an unusually broad range of experience and ability. Designer, Engineer, Fabricator, Racer. Starting as a British car mechanic at 18, he has continually developed his skills through his experience with many of the world’s most exclusive manufacturers including Aston Martin, Callaway Cars, and Bentley. Perhaps most prominent was his role within Ford Motor Company where he led the design integration, prototype builds, and interior engineering of the Ford GT supercar. Following the GT program, he created the very special GTX1 roadster and supervised Body and Package Engineering for the Shelby GT500.

Recognizing the relative absence of custom components for the Ford GT, Kip founded Ewing Inc. Ewing Inc. now osffers a range of premium upgrades for the GT and will soon be launching new product ranges for other significant sports and luxury vehicles. Additionally, Ewing Inc. offers design consultation services for the coachbuilding and aftermarket sectors. Kip’s deep knowledge of OEM engineering practices combined with extensive knowledge of design, prototyping, low-volume tooling, and sourcing makes him a unique source for providing guidance for your project.

Kip designs all Ewing Inc. products, builds much of the tooling, and crafts many of the components personally. When you purchase a Ewings component, you can be assured it is receiving his personal attention and scrutiny.